The Artist's Working: Theory & Practice is an open-source journal dedicated to expanding the discourse of studio artists, creating a catalog of contemporary techniques to provide comparative inspirations for new solutions.

Issue #1

May 2016

Editors: David Burr, Andrew Fish, Matt Klos.

Authors: Heather Balchunas, Youngsheen A. Jhe, Liz Lamanche, Chelsea Ramirez, Billy Renkl, Mamta Chitnis Sen, Will Wolf, Treacy Zeigler.

Examining the relationship between creativity and the limitations of context placed upon an artists in prison. Exploring the narrative of childhood spaces.

Touring the vast landscape of western and eastern India, Mamta witnessed the effects of severe drought on the small farming homes where farmers began migrating to cities in search of Employment, temporarily leaving female family members their land.

The similarity between the lives of human beings and inanimate mannequins. Combining poetry with experimental collages. Drawing with the non-dominant hand and allowing new ideas to take shape. Billy Renkls written critiques to his students.

Liz Lamanche describes working on “Connected By Sea”, a thousand-foot long sailor tattoo stained permanently into the cement surface of an industrial pier. The process of arriving at the idea, its design evolution, and then an odyssey of learning to run a large project involving many artists and a crew of 30 volunteers of varying skill levels.

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